How cool is looking at the clock and seeing it’s 12:34? Or seeing a plane from another plane?

Some days it’s fun to think of the simple, awesome things that make us smile.  Neil Pasricha has created an amazing list of the little things that can really make your day.  His website, 1000 Awesome Things is the coolest thing I’ve seen in ages.  

A couple of my favourites from his list include:

The reason behind why on earth Neil started this list is inspiring.  He was in a dark place and needed something to smile about.  His little idea has turned into something very big.  Check out his website here: 1000 Awesome Things.  And if you’re really keen, watch his 19-minute TED Talk.  It’ll make your day:  Neil Pasricha - The Three A’s of Awesome.

**(Thanks to @drew_FG for pointing me to this very cool site)