'Commit to a rhythm of time outs' is both a core value of the Culture Is Everything Club and an important lesson I've learned in becoming a leader.

A daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual rhythm of time outs is an important system that I think all leaders need to understand and commit to.

A rhythm of time outs helps manage our energy, emotions, health and ultimately the sustainability of our careers.

In this short episode, I explain the background and importance of that system and invite you to join me on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter for a 12-minute daily time out to help manage yourself.

The episode includes an interview of me discussing the rhythm of TIME OUT live daily huddles with Trevor Young on his Ticker TV program, Brand Builders.

Plus we feature the audio from an actual TIME OUT live daily huddle from Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

Enjoy the episode and consider joining me at 1.03pm AEST weekdays either once, every now and again or maybe every day.

I'll be there when you're ready to be supported, re-energised and/or need a short break in the middle of a busy day!

Enjoy :)