David Carroll is COO of Bodycare Workplace Solutions, where he helps lead a team of 140 people. 

He's a qualified exercise physiologist and physiotherapist, and a lifelong learner.

This episode explores David's transition from customer-facing technician to people-focused leader, including the ups, the downs, the wins and the learnings.

This is the first interview in a series in which we'll get to know and learn from emerging leaders who are in the trenches of building themselves and their teams.  

Finding the time and space to coach and grow your team - as well as develop your leadership skills - is something most leaders will grapple with along their journey of becoming the best leader they can.

The series will explore the important transition that nearly every emerging leader has to deal with: from being a team leader that is also a technical team member working with clients to being an inspiring people-focussed leader that has the time and space to coach and support their growing team without the added demand of trying to directly serve clients as well.

Enjoy :)


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