Cameron Herold is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker and author.

He has built and advised many high-growth franchise businesses including 1800 Got Junk, which operates in Australia, the US and Canada.

Today, Cameron coaches leaders and entrepreneurs to help them build the skills and knowledge to create purposeful, sustainable businesses.

This interview covers everything from ‘grandmother-isms’ to how to 'push life into work'.


Welcome to Episode Nine. I'm Tristan White, and today we have an interview with an entrepreneur, a coach, a speaker, and an author by the name of Cameron Herold.

Cameron is a life-long learner and entrepreneur. He started out as, firstly, a painter and then a franchise business owner at College Pro Painters. It was here that he learned the basics of not only painting a house, but also leading a team and building a business.

Since then, Cam has helped to build some high-growth franchise businesses, including being part of the early team at the Vancouver, Canada-based franchise, 1-800-Got-Junk. 1-800-Got-Junk has been through huge growth, and you may know them for their trash removal or rubbish removal in bright blue trucks that they have strategically parked in lots of places, including Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Since leaving 1-800-Got-Junk about 10 years ago, Cam has been coaching leaders and entrepreneurs to help them build the skills and knowledge to create purposeful, sustainable businesses.

 I first met Cameron in 2009 in his hometown of Vancouver. It was year five of the Physio Co at that stage, and I was stuck. Some of you may have read in "Culture is Everything," or heard me speak about the mess that I had created and had to work through in the fifth year struggle that was TPC.

Well, my trip to North America with my wife [Kimberley] was a critical part of, firstly, learning and then applying the skills, to grow the Physio Co from the 20 team members we had then to the 140-odd we have today.

Following that trip, Cam became my coach. He has had a huge influence on me, on the Physio Co, and on the "Culture is Everything" system, especially the way we use a detailed, three-year vision that I call a "Painted Picture Vision."

Now, in this interview Cam and I talk about how old ideas seem to be coming back again. Cam has started calling these old ideas, "grandmother-isms." It's about doing the right thing, like your grandmother might have done. The ideas might seem old-fashioned, but they make sense and they usually work.

Cam also gives a really practical tip of how to push life into work by putting family and social events into his calendar first, before he builds his business commitments into it every year. There is plenty to learn and reflect on here, from coach Cameron Herold. Enjoy.