Shayne Elliott is the Group CEO of the ANZ Bank, which has over 50,000 team members across 33 countries.

In this episode we go deep into communication.

With such a widespread team, communication is critical in Shayne’s role. Shayne also discusses the importance of having the right people in your team, and of taking responsibility for your career development by finding a good boss or coach to learn from.


Welcome to episode six. I'm Tristan White, and today we have an interview with a leader and innovator in a very large business, by the name of Shayne Elliott.

Shayne Elliott is the CEO of ANZ Bank. ANZ is a big business. They have close to 50,000 team members in 33 different countries.

Shayne's background is that he is a life-long banker. His career has included more than 25 years in lots of different banking jobs in Australia, in Europe, in the Middle East, and in the Americas. In 2012, Shayne became ANZ Bank's chief financial officer, and in 2016, he took on the big job of being ANZ's chief executive officer.

I first met Shayne in 2017, when I was doing a series of workshops and seminars with some of ANZ's state and regional managers to help develop their culture and their leadership skills. Out of the blue, I got an invitation from Shayne to be part of a one-on-one Facebook Live interview with him to help launch the new ANZ Way, which is their innovate, purpose-driven future direction.

I joined Shayne on the couch for the FB Live event and was rapt to discuss my Culture is Everything approach with him, and how he was embracing a new, people-focused direction for ANZ.

In this episode and interview with Shayne, we get deep into one of my favourite topics, communication. As a leader, I've learned that I have to be passionate about providing clear communication to my team that helps set them up for success. With a huge, spread-out team like Shayne's, communication is critical.

There are some gems of experience share that Shayne talks about in this interview, including learnings on communication, about having the right people in your team, and about taking responsibility for having yourself a good boss or coach to help progress your career.

 I think you'll love this episode with Shayne Elliott. Enjoy.