A clear and exciting long-term goal (think 10-30 years!) – with milestones to celebrate – is a great starting point for building a sustainable business with a strong culture.

For most team members, however, 10+ years is an impossibly long time. It can feel like a lifetime – far too long to imagine themselves into the future.

That's why, once your 10+ year goal is determined, I believe breaking it into manageable chunks, say, three-year goals, in order to bring the ultimate goal to life.

At The Physio Co, we call these shorter term goals 'Painted Picture Visions’.

Even planning more than two to three years into the future can be a challenge, particularly with younger members of a team. Therefore, it's important to provide as much detail as you can in terms of what you want your business and culture to look, act and feel on a particular date into the future.

Hence, the 'painted picture'.

Are you ready?

As leaders committed to creating a high performing team via a world-class culture, we can use the same approach to lean into the future and describe how our business and culture will look, act and feel on a certain date in the future.

Then we take that vision.

Share it with our team.

Review it daily.

And obsess over bringing it to life.