The Culture Is Everything Book has arrived!

After years in the making, Culture Is Everything: The Story and System of a Start-up That Became Australia's Best Place to Work will be launched on Sunday May 7 at 8pm.

Inside the book you'll discover the Culture Is Everything System including the Four secrets of a World Class Culture that have been the foundation of how The Physio Co has ranked one of Australia's 50 Best Places to Work for 8 consecutive years

The Physio Co story and Culture Is Everything system explained in the book will give you the confidence and knowledge to create a strong culture in your very own business or team.

This book has been a big project.  I'm very grateful for the support from my family,  friends and mentors who have supported me through the process.  Here are just two of the early testimonials from some of my mentors and mates:

“Peter Drucker taught us that culture eats strategy for breakfast. But how do you build a strong, sustainable company culture? With a repeatable system and checklist. Tristan White’s Culture Is Everything System makes the complex task of building a strong culture much simpler by design. If you are an entrepreneur or leader and want to build a strong culture, then read this book for a practical case study in how it’s accomplished."

—VERNE HARNISH, author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0) 

“From start-up to Australia’s best place to work, Tristan recognised his competitive advantage would come from attracting and retaining the best people. This book shows you how he did it.”

—GLEN CARLSON, cofounder and managing director, Dent Global


Party to celebrate!

Now, a book launch deserves a party and because of that you're invited!  On Sunday May 7 at 8pm AEST, an online party (aka FB event) will happen to launch the Culture Is Everything book.

So, if you'd like to get involved, learn more about the book and support the project, join me this Sunday, May 7 at the Culture Is Everything Book online launch at 8pm (Melbourne, Australia time).

We're aiming to make the Amazon Best Seller List and to do that we need as many individual purchases as possible to buy a copy on Amazon between 8.01pm and 8.59pm this Sunday.

Please RSVP to the FB Event here to join the party. If you're willing to help out, I'd love it if you could share the event with your friends, family and other folk who might be interested.

NB - The link to the Amazon page to buy the book will be available in the next few days and shared on the FB event page.  [Update - If you're in Australia, you can now buy a copy of the book here. Kindle version and orders for delivery outside Australia available here on Amazon.]

Lastly, if you're interested in a getting a free sneaky peak at chapter 1, please download your copy here.

Have an awesome day,