Is ‘OK Pizza and Pasta’ a good business name?  I’m not convinced.

OK Pizza and Pasta is the brainchild of chefs Will Kranen and Corry O’Neill.  Their names start with O & K, they created OK Pizza and Pasta - it makes sense.

But would ‘KO Pizza and Pasta’ be a better business name?  I think so.

I reckon it’s important to paint the best possible mental image of your business in the minds of your customer.  In my mind, ‘KO Pizza and Pasta’ (short for “Knock-Out” Pizza and Pasta’) inspires a better first impression than OK. 

I also think ‘KO Pizza and Pasta’ would give the business owners an amazingly simple way to align their team. The job of every single person at KO would be to create a ‘Knock-Out’ customer experience.  The food could be KO, the service could be KO, the business could be KO.  That sounds like a cool place to work!   

Businesses are about customers.  The name isn’t everything, but it is important.

PS - The food at OK, is good. (I had the BBQ Chicken Pizza - tasted great). If you’re ever in beautiful Sth Gippsland, head to the Golf Club in Foster and give OK Pizza and Pasta a shot…

PPS - My first ever business was TJW Physio (very modestly named after Tristan Joel White!).  The business was created to help customers stay mobile, safe & happy. That wasn’t obvious so I changed the name.