In today’s episode, I introduce you to the first item on the Culture Is Everything checklist - your core purpose. A core purpose is a vital aspect of creating a great place to work, yet many organisations tend to neglect theirs. This can cause damage to a company before it’s even realised. It can also create confusion and feelings of aimlessness in any company - no matter how stable it might appear.

This episode is perfect for those who think their company is missing the perfect core purpose. I’ll discuss what makes a great core purpose, as well as the benefits of having one, and how to make your own.

I’ll also get into the following:

  • How to use your core purpose to make the best impact
  • Why our core purpose is such an important part of TPC culture
  • How a solid core purpose can build your company’s culture
  • How I first heard about this concept, and how I began implementing it
  • The mistakes I made along the way, and the steps you can take to ensure you don’t
  • The motivation behind staying true and authentic
  • Characteristics of a strong core purpose
  • Why mission statements aren’t as effective